Miscellaneous Forms and Information for Student Athlete Use:

Driving Directions to Off-Campus Medical Facilities;  Click here to see a list of driving directions to commonly used off-campus medical facilities (i.e. Doctor's Offices, Out-Patient Radiology Facilities, etc.).


Referral Forms; 

  • All current Ursinus student athletes are welcome to seek care from their personal, home, or any outside physicians.  Ursinus College Athletic Training Staff simply asks that you provide a record of each of these visits upon your return to campus.  To do so, print this form, and take it to your outside physician to complete.  Return the completed form to UC Athletic Training Staff in person, or via fax at (610)409-3776.  


  • Freshman/Transfer Athletes; if you have had any significant injuries/illnesses, or other health conditions, limiting your physical activity for more than 1 week over the last 5 years, you must inform UC Athletic Training Staff.   For any such injury/illness, or conditions, documentation of your medical care is required.  Please bring (to UC) any office notes, documentation, operating room reports, and instructions for current activity from your doctor. This will help us coordinate your care once you get to UC, and ensure that your doctor's wishes are followed!  A summary of your care can be provided by your treating physician(s) using the form provided here.  All documentation can be sumbitted to UC Athletic Training Staff in person, or via fax at (610) 409-3776.


  • Wellness Center Referral Form;   The Ursinus College Athletic Training Staff works closely with the Ursinus College Wellness Center Staff to care for ill and injured student-atheltes.  Should a student athlete need to be seen in the Wellness Center, the student-athlete must either obtain a Wellness Center Referral form from Athletic Training Staff, OR print the form here to take with them to their Wellness Center appointment.  The Wellness Center Staff will assist the student-athlete with directions on how to return the completed form back to the Athletic Training Staff.


Insurance Information

  • Each student attending Ursinus College is required to carry medical insurance or be enrolled in the college’s student medical insurance coverage plan, to remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics.  Ursinus College offers a medical insurance coverage plan to purchase in the event that a student athlete is not covered by a suitable plan/policy. To answer questions regarding the purchase of this policy please click here.  


  • Student athletes and their families are required to inform Ursinus College each and every time a change in their health insurance coverage/policy occurs.  See the Ursinus College Wellness Center page on Health Records and Insurance; here for more information on insurance status change requirments.


  • Ursinus College Athletics provides a secondary insurance policy for medical expenses incurred during official intercollegiate practice, play, and travel. For more information on this policy, click here.


Meningococcal Disease Vaccination Waiver;  Due to the risks associated with communal living on college campuses, the Ursinus College Wellness Center requires all students, to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.  In the event that you decline vaccination, you are requied to review, complete, and submit the waiver form attached here.  Your completed form should be returned to the Ursinus College Wellness Center.


NCAA Sickle Cell Requirements;   The NCAA recommends that all student athletes have knowledge of their sickle cell trait status.  Student-athletes must 1) show proof of a prior test with results; 2) have a blood test to check for sickle cell trait; OR 3) sign a testing waiver declining options 1 and 2.  Whichever option is chosen, it must be completed before the athlete participates in any intercollegiate athletics event, including strength and conditioning sessions, practices, competitions, etc. In the event that you decline options 1 and 2, you are requied to review, complete, and submit the waiver form attached here.   Your completed form should be returned to the Ursinus College Athletic Training Staff at the time of your team's athletic physcials.


NCAA ADD/ADHD Requirements;  The NCAA regulates and/or bans the use some drugs deemed potentially harmful to student- athletes, as well as drugs which can create an unfair advantage in competition.  This ban includes certain stimulants, some of which are used to treat ADD/ADHD.  As a result, student-athletes who may need to use these medicines to support their academics and their general health must work with their physicians and college medical staff to document appropriate use.  The NCAA has a outlined steps to review and approve legitimate use of medications that contain NCAA  banned substances through a Medical Exceptions Procedure.  The informational flyer found here has been created and publicized by the NCAA to educate student-athletes diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, their family and treating physician on the required documentation.  To simplify the documentation request process, Ursinus Sports Medicine has developed a stremlined form found here, which you can print and complete with your doctor.  Once complete, the form and attachments must be supplied to Ursinus College Athletic Training Staff (at the time of team physicals) in order to request an exception in the event that the student athlete tests positive during NCAA Drug Testing.